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facilitates access to results from all fields of world research

About Inist


The Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (INIST) was created in 1988 in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy (near Nancy in north-east France) to facilitate access to results from all fields of world research, promote scientific production and provide services to people in Higher Education and Research.
Inist has one of the most important collections of scientific publications in Europe and provides a range of information search services:

  • document supply,
  • a digital catalogue for our document collection,
  • bibliographic databases,
  • information portals providing shared access to digital resources.

Inist can also offer:

  • expertise in the field of scientific digital publishing,
  • scientific news sites,
  • solutions for scientific and information monitoring,
  • tailored training solutions for information professionals.

The Institute’s activities are organised within the framework of the BSN (French National Digital Library Infrastructure) the aim of which is to respond to higher education and research communities’ requirements by offering world-class STI resources and improving the visibility of French research work.

The BSN thus defines a new framework for the organisation of STI at the national level and has nine segments of activity to which Inist-CNRS contributes its skills.