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Digital publishing and digitization


The integration of new digital publishing is of great importance for scientific publishing as a whole, offering as it does real potential for increased visibility and the promotion and dissemination of editorial contents.

Our digital publishing and digitization department’s know-how means we can provide services involving:

  • the creation of accessible scientific documents for consultation,
  • the creation of sites to disseminate digital publications,
  • the digitization of archives,
  • consultancy services to optimize your digital production.

Note: our digital scientific publishing work complies with all the recommendations made by the National Digital Library Infrastructure (BSN 7) regarding best practice criteria for usage, dissemination and preservation of contents (citability, interoperability, accessibility, openness, sustainability…)

Two platforms are available:

I-Revues, for journals, conferences proceedings and digital books,
LARA, for the open access dissemination of scientific and technical reports.