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Persistent identifiers at the service of research


Member of the international DataCite consortium, Inist-CNRS is agency of attribution of DOI identifier in France.

Persistent identifiers* are an important element of good practices in the movement of Open Science, playing a key role by facilitating the discovery and long-term access to scientific objects that arise from research. They allow the identification, referencing, sharing and citing of data to increase their visibility.

The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is an example of persistent identifier that can be assigned to the results of research (data, pictures, videos etc.).

A dedicated team within Inist-CNRS is at your disposal to advise you concerning the attribution of a DOI to your research data (supply of DOI prefixes, help with the creation and conversion of metadata etc.). The team also accompanies you in the use of different services proposed by DataCite.

*To learn more about persistent identifiers

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