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Helping you draft Data Management Plans

DMP OPIDoR: Data Management Plan for Optimized Sharing and Interoperability of Research Data
Planning the management of research data is a key element to secure their preservation and (...)

BibCnrs has opened

Discover BibCnrs, the new portal providing access to your scholarly content
BibCnrs replaces the former BiblioVIE, BiblioSHS, BiblioST2I, TitaneSciences, BiblioPl@nets and BiblioSciences (...)

Launch of BibCnrs, Wednesday November 9th 2016

In a few days, the new portal for access to CNRS digital document resources will open. BibCnrs will replace the current information portals on Wednesday November 9th. BiblioVIE, BiblioSHS, (...)